Travel Shampoo & Conditioner Review: Sea to Summit

Never, ever did I think that I would be reviewing hair care products, but hey – I also have sunscreen with moisturizer in it… Let’s face it, when you’re travelling & on the road it can get pretty easy to forget about showering & general hygiene- even for a guy! So if you aren’t planning on developing some 90’s backpacker dreads, you’re gonna need some shampoo.

Unfortunately, on many trips it just isn’t feasible to lug around your 1L bottle of Pantene Pro-V with apricot extract.

Enter the Trek & Travel Shampoo:

  • The Sea To Summit shampoo comes in the same rigid bottle as the Wilderness Wash liquid which is a definite strong point
  • Everything is labelled clearly– so if you ever do have to show customs or airport security it should be a breeze
  • The shampoo contains conditioner, which means you save the space & hassle of two bottles

Another plus is that it is biodegradable – which is a fantastic feature if you will be spending time outside, camping or showering near water sources.

So is it the same as a fancy hair salon shampoo? Probably not. But if you are reasonably low maintenance like me, it does a great job. The bottle isn’t going to leak, you can take it through airports and your head won’t smell like a dead animal.

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