Packing Cube Review: Sea To Summit

Now that I have progressed from newbie (to senior-newbie) when it comes to packing cubes, there is one other brand for your consideration. In my review of the eBags packing cubes I came to the same conclusion that countless travellers before me had: packing cubes are pretty useful things to have. This review will be a bit briefer and provide a bit of a comparison for those of you who may be looking to buy.

There are two primary differences in the Sea to Summit offering from the eBags packing cubes.

  • The first is the material. The Sea To Summit cubes use the extremely thin “Cordura” material – which for anyone who has seen it before is quite distinctive. It is a super thin synthetic fabric; made to be light weight, water resistant and tough. The front cover is a mesh which provides good visibility so you can easily see the contents inside. It is quick dry, so if it gets wet or you plan to use a cube for dirty laundry, it will dry quicker than most other pack cubes. Thanks to the material, it is also smaller & lighter if you are watching every spare gram or cm in your pack.
  • The second major difference is the design. As you can see in the photos, these open up lengthways or vertically if you like– with zips that run the length of the lid. I haven’t exactly encountered a scenario where the zippering has prevented me from fitting anything into a cube, but this could appeal to some users. On this trip I have found it easy to fit in 6-8 rolled up T-shirts. It has a hanging loop/ handle on the top as well.

Overall, another great quality packing cube– it folds up flat and smaller than other brands I have tried when not in use plus it is made of super quick-drying material and is a very light. Random side note; with the right contents, these make a quick & easy pillow if you are ever pillow-less or you need to improvise!

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