Travel Clothes Washing Liquid – Sea To Summit Wilderness Wash

Multi-Purpose Washing & Cleaning Liquid

As someone who has usually just sought out laundry mats or flipped my underpants inside-out, I don’t exactly have a huge amount of experience with travel detergents and washing products.

This trip however, we are overseas for about 3-4 months in some areas where laundry operators might be hard to find, and we can also save a bit of cash too by using the Sea to Summit “Wilderness Wash”. I should mention now that the Sea To Summit Wilderness Wash isn’t just for clothes, it can be used for dishes/ eating utensils, personal use and outdoor gear as well.

Excellent Packaging

The first noticeable selling point for me, is the super sturdy bottle.  It is clearly labelled, TSA approved, 89 ml (3 fluid oz.) and transparent- essentially, it is perfectly designed for travel. After having a few bottles burst in the past, I have always hated packing liquids of any kind– but this is so solid I would feel pretty comfortable popping it with my electronic gear.

Excellent for Hand-washing

The wash itself works great–it’s concentrated so you can use just a few drops per item or a tiny cap-full for a sink of washing. It doesn’t have an overwhelming smell which is great for people with allergies or who just don’t want to smell like flowers.

Overall:  it’s perfect if you are an outdoor or adventure traveler, going on long trips or want to be a bit more autonomous or save some money on the road.

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