Travel Shampoo & Conditioner Review: Sea to Summit

Never, ever did I think that I would be reviewing hair care products, but hey – I also have sunscreen with moisturizer in it… Let’s face it, when you’re travelling & on the road it can get pretty easy to forget about showering & general hygiene- even for a guy! So if you aren’t planning on developing some 90’s backpacker dreads, you’re gonna need some shampoo.

Unfortunately, on many trips it just isn’t feasible to lug around your 1L bottle of Pantene Pro-V with apricot extract.

Enter the Trek & Travel Shampoo:

  • The Sea To Summit shampoo comes in the same rigid bottle as the Wilderness Wash liquid which is a definite strong point
  • Everything is labelled clearly– so if you ever do have to show customs or airport security it should be a breeze
  • The shampoo contains conditioner, which means you save the space & hassle of two bottles

Another plus is that it is biodegradable – which is a fantastic feature if you will be spending time outside, camping or showering near water sources.

So is it the same as a fancy hair salon shampoo? Probably not. But if you are reasonably low maintenance like me, it does a great job. The bottle isn’t going to leak, you can take it through airports and your head won’t smell like a dead animal.

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Collapsable Water Bottle Review- Snowgum

We all know how important it is to keep well hydrated on the road- especially if you are in hot weather, on an ‘active’ holiday’ or in areas where water quality may be questionable (i.e. most of the world…) So what does one do when you don’t know where the next safe water source is going to be?

Normal people carry a water bottle of course.

Collapsible water bottles

I have been using the Snowgum collapsible water bottle that I semi-impulse bought back in Sydney. It is definitely on the budget end of the scale for collapsible water bottles (or any type of water bottle for that matter). In preparation for the trip I had started eying these as a space saving option instead of an aluminium flask. I saw some ranging in price from about $10-$25 AUD in travel & camping stores but held off making the purchase to see a few more.

One day when we randomly popped into a Snowgum store about a month before leaving, we noticed a stack of these bottles on offer at 3 for $10. They might not be quite as solidly built as some of the more expensive models – but who could pass that deal up?


  • The ability to roll up and secure the bottle when empty
  • A small, simple carabiner style clip to hang the bottle
  • Screw-off pop top lid with cover
  • 500 ml
  • White matte spot to write your name!

As you can see, the bottle can stand up when filled– although I have seen other versions which are a bit more stable. There is always a nagging thought in my head when it is being squashed in with other items in my pack that it is going to tear or break. The plastic it is made from is fairly tough, but it is still plastic and unfortunately after about 7 weeks of use, one of them sprung a leak. The other is going strong and I guess, we somewhat factored that risk in when we bought 3 for $10 bucks!

Standing up, they are about the same size as a 1 litre bottle

Overall – good value as a bit of a novelty, even as a back-up to carry around empty most of the time in case of emergencies. If in use every day, I would certainly be concerned after a couple of weeks with the cleanliness – as I tend to get a bit wary of drinking from plastic after a while- even if it has been washed.

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Travel Clothes Washing Liquid – Sea To Summit Wilderness Wash

Multi-Purpose Washing & Cleaning Liquid

As someone who has usually just sought out laundry mats or flipped my underpants inside-out, I don’t exactly have a huge amount of experience with travel detergents and washing products.

This trip however, we are overseas for about 3-4 months in some areas where laundry operators might be hard to find, and we can also save a bit of cash too by using the Sea to Summit “Wilderness Wash”. I should mention now that the Sea To Summit Wilderness Wash isn’t just for clothes, it can be used for dishes/ eating utensils, personal use and outdoor gear as well.

Excellent Packaging

The first noticeable selling point for me, is the super sturdy bottle.  It is clearly labelled, TSA approved, 89 ml (3 fluid oz.) and transparent- essentially, it is perfectly designed for travel. After having a few bottles burst in the past, I have always hated packing liquids of any kind– but this is so solid I would feel pretty comfortable popping it with my electronic gear.

Excellent for Hand-washing

The wash itself works great–it’s concentrated so you can use just a few drops per item or a tiny cap-full for a sink of washing. It doesn’t have an overwhelming smell which is great for people with allergies or who just don’t want to smell like flowers.

Overall:  it’s perfect if you are an outdoor or adventure traveler, going on long trips or want to be a bit more autonomous or save some money on the road.

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